Invisalign® Teen

Invisalign Teen gives young adults a removable option to straighten teeth. Which means eating the foods you want, speaking without obstructions, and nice smiles for pictures.

Invisalign Teen Iowa City

Invisalign Teen is the most popular option for teenagers who need to straighten their teeth.

While all certified Invisalign providers can provide Invisalign Teen, the Invisalign Teen designation reflects a substantial amount of experience working with teens and Invisalign overall. As a certified Iowa City Invisalign Teen provider, Dr. John Mergen can maximize the success of your treatment and help you get the smile you deserve.

Invisalign Teen Iowa City

What is Invisalign Teen

Dr. Mergen or your Iowa City Invisalign Teen provider can eliminate the need of conventional braces while retaining the benefits of proper orthodontic treatment with Invisalign Teen. The process is very similar to Invisalign except for a few features designed to maximize the success of the treatment.

Invisalign Teen Features

Invisalign Teen has “compliance indicators,” or blue tabs that fade with wear. These tabs help the doctor and parents monitor adequate wear time and it’s also an effective way for teenagers to track their own progress. Certified Invisalign Teen provider Dr. Mergen can explain the details of this feature during a free consultation.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

We understand the problems teens face with conventional braces. No one needs to know you’re wearing braces and with the invisible aligners, no one will. Invisalign Teen allows you to make memories without the intrusion of braces. Your smile will be the focus of your school photos, prom pictures and even selfies — not metal brackets and wires. Since Invisalign Teen is completely removable, you can eat whatever you want and still brush and floss your teeth easily. If you’re involved in sports, music or other extracurriculars, you won’t have a mouthful of metal get in the way of your activities.

High Success with Invisalign Teen

Parents often worry that their teens aren’t responsible enough to wear their aligners as frequently as necessary, but in reality, teens are sometimes more compliant than adult patients. They’re motivated to wear their aligners as directed to avoid traditional braces. It’s common for teen patients to adhere to their treatment plans as much as, if not more than, other patients. Treatment times vary with teen patients -- schedule your free consultation today with Dr. Mergen to determine your specific case.

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